5 Sock Styles That Everyone Should Own

by Yash Sethia February 15, 2022 2 min read

5 Sock Styles That Everyone Should Own

All your current pairs of socks are too worn out, and you want to buy some new ones. You want to try some new styles but don’t know which ones would be perfect. We get it!

Well, Nvance’s newest collection has got you covered! From these, we’re sure you can choose designer socks for men you will use the most.

Let’s discuss these five designer socks for men you should have in your closet:

The 5 Best Designer Socks For Men That You Should Also Own

Crew Length Socks

You need a regular pair of socks that you can wear every day. But why not make them a little stylish by getting some colorful socks for men? That way, you can step out of your comfort zone just a little bit without investing in a lot of socks. Check out Nvance’s collection to try some trendy crew length designs.

Athletic Socks

Even if you don't play sports as often, you must have athletic socks in your collection. With these socks, you can avoid having blisters when you do anything remotely active like cycling or working out. Plus, athletic socks are also comfortable, and you can get them in any colour you want. So, have a few designer socks for men and keep your feet fresh and blister-free.

Ankle Length Socks

If you want well-fitted socks, ankle-length socks are the best choice for you. This sock style is also versatile and goes well with any of your outfits. You can buy socks online, India that are comfortable yet help you create a statement look. So, re-stock or buy a few pairs of these socks to complete your collection!

No-Show Socks

If you’re obsessed with your sneakers, you can’t go without using no-show socks. These invisible sockscompletely hide under your shoes and are still comfortable and wearable.

Plus, you can easily find them in your size as they are one of the most common sock styles. So, get some colorful socks for men under your sneakers and experiment with fun patterns as well.

Calf Socks

Last but not the least, you need a pair of socks to go with your classic shoes. For example, calf socks go perfectly with your everyday loafers or sneakers. Not just that, these socks also go amazingly well with hiking boots and are available in various vibrant colours.

The Best Material for Designer Socks For Men

  • Cotton: Categorised as the most common material, you can find almost all styles in cotton.

  • Wool: Great at fighting odour and maintaining temperature.

  • Silk: For luxurious and cosy daily wear.

  • Polyblend: Often blended with cotton and also affordable to purchase.

Final Thoughts

It's necessary to have a pair of socks for anything you plan to do. So, visit Nvance’s website to grab the perfect pair of designer socks for men for your needs! Do check out our sock combos to get the best deal.


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