7 trendy ways to flaunt Nvance socks

by Yash Sethia July 19, 2022 2 min read

7 trendy ways to flaunt Nvance socks

Trendsetting is in yourhands feet!

Oh yes, you read that right. The tides have turned and now, fashion is what you wear on your feet AKA socks.

The market is flooded with multipledesigner socks for mentoday. This can be both good and bad. Good because you are spoilt for choice and bad because it can easily be confusing.

The art of wearingcolourful socks for menis actually quite subtle and requires some attention. But, worry not. We are here to help you navigate through the many options with tips on how to style them with your clothing. Read on!

Wear them with sandals

Woah. We have come out all guns blazing!

Back in the day, socks and sandals were taboo – frowned upon by the common man. But now, the common man is confident and trendy enough to pull this look off effortlessly. Wear understated yet patterned socks with your brown or black sandals and complete your look with a pair of casual shorts.

Team them up with suits

Now, here’s where you must be slightly more careful because suits can be tricky. If you overdo it, you might enter the “weird” category as opposed to the “trendy” look that you are aiming for. The rule of thumb is to coordinate your socks with your shirt or your tie and go easy on the brightness. The patterns and colours also don’t need to be too loud.

Add some colour to dull clothes

If the occasion calls for particular dull clothes such as a grey sweater or a plain shirt, you can always stand out with some colourful socks for men.Feel free to go all out so that all eyes are on you!

Boat ‘em up!

Boat shoes are casual and comfortable. They also expose quite a bit of the sock. Take that as an opportunity to flaunt a pair of your Nvance socks; why don’t you? We recommend a light shade and pattern because it goes beautifully with the material of the shoes.

Choose bright on bright

Oh, we absolutely love this combo! Spreading some brightness is always welcome. So, you should definitely try some quirky designer socks for men with a bright blazer to look your trendiest best!

Try them with Khakis

Khakis are often considered boring. We have mostly seen men pair khakis with black socks. But, you shouldn’t stop there. Multi-coloured socks look fantastic with this pant choice. Don’t believe it? Try Nvance socks and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget to get a pair for your shorts!

Shorts and slippers? Sure.

Shorts and sandals? Okay.

Shorts and socks + shoes? WOW!

 If you love wearing shorts and would like to experiment with socks, may we direct you towards our pastel collection? You will never go wrong with it.


Nvance socks have been designed to be chic, comfortable, and eye-catching all at once. Our range has multiple styles, enabling you to pick multiple pairs based on the occasion and your fashion sense. Please visit our website for more details.

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