A quick guide on how to wear socks with your loafers

by Yash Sethia August 15, 2022 2 min read

A quick guide on how to wear socks with your loafers

Loafers and socks – oh, boy. That pair is something men prefer to steer clear of because it can be difficult to pull off. However, not wearing socks with loafers can be frowned upon in formal settings. For casual occasions too, we recommend socks for some panache. But, if you are worried about committing a fashion sin, you will be pleased to go through this simple and quick guide.


We have come up with a fewstylish ways to wear socks with loafersso that you don’t go wrong ever again.

Go neutral – You don’t have to pick sides

This is a verysimple way to wear socks with loafersespecially if the world of colorful and designer socks for men is new to you. It is also quite safe to experiment with neutral colors because they don’t pop out or attract too many eyeballs. They remain subtle and enhance the overall look. Wear dark brown loafers and pair them up with neutral socks. Beige is one of our favorite colors but if your loafers are beige, you might want to choose dark blue or black socks.

Go vivid - Let the darkness shine through

Maroon, bright red, pink, and lemon yellow are all beautiful colors that go perfectly well with suede loafers. We recommend thick socks for warmth and style together. You can take it one step further with conservative prints. And, red socks on black loafers will always win the spotlight. You will never go wrong with that combination.

Go striped - Take the blues out with socks

Blue suits are a must in every man’s wardrobe because they are so classy. Wear black loafers along with striped socks (brown and yellow or maroon over black) and you are ready to take on the world. If you are not really a fan of black shoes, you can choose burgundy, dark brown, or tan loafers as well.

Go subtle - Ignore the loafers and focus on the accessories

Sometimes, you don’t have to worry about the loafers. Identify an accessory such as a scarf or hat that’s standing out and tone it down with your socks. You can also take the vivid route to even out the statement. Try both combinations out and stick to the one you love.

Go casual – Annotate with style

For a casual day outing, wear dark jeans with light socks and vice versa. The contrast is beautiful as long as you ensure that the loafers are dark grey or brown. Suede loafers are our favorites but velvet can look just as good. Again, it all comes down to personal preference.


There are amplestylish ways to wear socks with loafersand to get started, we invite you to buydesigner socks for men online onNvance. Our wide range of options ensures that no one leaves empty-handed – there’s something for all kinds of loafers! Start exploring now.

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