Create A Trendsetting Winter Style With These Tips

by Yash Sethia January 20, 2022 2 min read

Create A Trendsetting Winter Style With These Tips

Winters can be a beautiful treat for the eyes, but they can also be quite dreary due to excess cold. However, you can mitigate this situation by dressing appropriately to maximise warmth and have fun in the winters.

Let’s talk about winter essentials for every man:

17 Things To Have In Your Trendsetting Wardrobes For Winters

Here’s a list of all men’s winter clothing essentials:

  1. Jackets (Leather, Puffer, denim)
  2. Coats (Pea coat, Trench coat)
  3. Winter Socks (Colorful socksmade of wool)
  4. Turtle neck T-shirts
  5. Jeans ( black, denim)
  6. Boots
  7. Woollen Overcoats
  8. Scarf
  9. Crew neck cable knitted sweater
  10. Woollen suits and blazer
  11. Zip sweaters
  12. Cardigan
  13. Sweatshirts and hoodies
  14. Jumpers
  15. Gloves
  16. Beanie caps
  17. Flannel Shirt

4 Tips to Create Trend-Setting Winter Outfits For Men

1. Layer Your Clothes

Winter gives you ample opportunities to layer your clothes to warm you up. Generally, winter attire for men consists of 3 layers: the base, mid, and top layer.

The base layer, the first layer on your skin, should consist of the warmest materials like wool. Examples of excellent base layer clothes include a full-sleeved t-shirt, thermals, or turtle neck shirts. As the second layer, wear something warm and lightweight. Something like a cardigan, knitted sweater, or sweatshirt would be perfect. After the middle layer, you can wear blazers, zip-up sweaters, and overshirts to seal in the heat.

Tip: Make sure that all these layers don’t restrict your mobility and pair them wisely. As per the temperature, change your outermost clothing. For light winters, you can wear overshirts; and for heavy winters, try woollen sweaters or blazers.

2. Choose Your Hand and Foot Wear

When you’re going out in winter, make sure you have your gloves and boots on that’ll provide you warmth and protect you from cold burns. So, head out donning leather gloves, warm winter socks, and army boots. Speaking of winter socks, don’t forget to check out our collection of funky and vibrant socks today!

If you’re likely to experience heavy winters, wear sturdy military boots and thick rubber soles. When it’s snowing or raining hailstones, avoid wearing leather shoes to prevent falling.

3. Top it Up

When you’re covering your entire body, why leave your head uncovered. So, wear a beanie or any cap to warm yourself and protect your head, face, and ears from cold.

4. Jackets For Outdoors

You can’t talk about winter outfits and miss the jacket. When you head outside with all the layers of clothing, top it off with a jacket or coat.

Apart from that, you can also wear leather or denim jackets on t-shirts, shirts, woollen overcoats, pea coats, or trench coats.

Final Thoughts

While creating a trendsetting style, don’t forget to keep comfort and warmth as your primary concern. Combine classic colours, funky design, and warm materials to make a trendsetting winter outfit.

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