Designer socks for men - New trend alert?

by Yash Sethia May 30, 2022 3 min read

Designer socks for men - New trend alert?

Who knew the secret to being a trendsetter was inside your shoes?!

Let’s face it - men have to work much harder than women to grab eyeballs. Their wardrobes are usually monotonous and the choices are limited. In fact, most stores have multiple levels of clothing choices for women but the men’s section is stacked with the kids’ and/or accessories!

While quite a few men have accepted this, there are others who refuse to get lost in the crowd. They want to stand out and create a trend for themselves. If you are one of them, look no further - just look DOWN!

That’s right. Your socks can be game-changers and make your entire outfit pop - no matter how boring it may seem.

It’s time to ideate - Choose the rightdesigner socks for men

In the past few years,colourful socks for menhave gained a lot of popularity with celebs and the general public becoming fans of the trend alike. But, not everything will suit every personality. This is why it is important to explore and make choices that bring out who you are - fun, nerdy, formal, or crazy. These ideas will help you pick a lane:

Pick the right length

The right length completely depends on your comfort level. There are 3 common variations:

  •   No show
  •   Ankle socks
  •   Over the calf socks

Of course, we will ignore no show socks because we definitely want to flaunt them. Ankle socks will suit sneakers but not dress shoes. As for clothes, you can choose shorts or regular pants. However, we advise you never to wear them with sandals.

Over the calf socks, on the other hand, are great for those who do not want to shy away. Try different patterns depending on the occasion and show them off! Whether it’s argyle with a suit or a pink pattern with a tux, it’s a game of confidence. You can also explore nature-themed  designer socks for men if you are going trekking or cute nerdy patterns for casual outings. And yes, these socks will totally go with your cute sandals.

Colour them up real good

This is our favourite part!


Move on from the lackluster browns and greys and explore yellows, pinks, blues (these are the blues you will LOVE!), tan, orange, etc. Keep the whites and blacks aside as well. It’s the era of bright colours.

Onto the patterns!

This is where you can go absolutely bonkers with experimentation. There are so many spectacular collections  of designer socks for menavailable today that you’ll never have enough pairs! From camo to abstract shapes to simple patterns, each of them is a trendsetter on its own.

 You can coordinate them with the rest of your ensemble or not - totally up to you.

One more thing - comfort

Creating ripples in fashion is not just about looking great. It is also about feeling amazing. And that can only happen if you are comfortable and happy. You can achieve this in 2 ways -

  •   Buying premium quality  funky socks for men
  •   Choosing colours and patterns based on your personality and the occasion

Pay attention to all these factors and the world will pay attention to your glorious socks.


Fashion has a new name. It is SOCKS. So, hey, pull ‘em up and jump onto the bandwagon to catch eyes and hearts in one go. After all, if the feet are happy, we are happy! Explore the latest trendy styles and combos on Nvance and start your trendsetting journey today. 

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