Do you really need to wear socks?

by Yash Sethia May 17, 2022 2 min read

Do you really need to wear socks?

why do we wear socks?

Some wear socks out of habit, some for comfort and some for the protection that socks provide for the feet.The idea of pairing socks with shoes doesn’t sit well with many, these days. While not putting on socks or tucking them under the shoes is in vogue, here’s why you SHOULD actually wear them.

What are the benefits of wearing socks?

Socks don’t just protect your feet from dirt or blisters, they also help regulate your body temperature; you wear cotton, woollen, silk or polyblend, depending on the weather. The greatest advantage of wearing socks all day is that they absorb the excessive sweat in your feet and reduces the stress of walking and standing. Socks also avoid and reduce swelling in the feet to a large extent. Another benefit of wearing socks for people who suffer from dust allergies that cause feet to swell is that socks protect them. No matter how good a footwear brand is, it does acquire germs. Not to forget that one cannot wash their shoes daily, but one can wash a pair of socks regularly.

Socks can protect your feet from shoe bites and make it comfortable for you to wear any kind of footwear with just an added layer. Women wear see-through socks for fashion purposes as well. 

Sometimes you wear socks according to your health requirements. It is very important to understand one’s body type and pick a pair that benefits your health. The best 2 designs curtailing the ergonomics of feet are compression socks and odour-fighting socks. Compression socks are well-suited for long hours of travel and walking, whereas the odour-fighting socks mainly concern the weather and how much one sweats. Long hours of working in a professional set-up where your feet are restricted within or playing a sport or when your body is engaged in the form of physical activity that produces body heat, one needs to choose and protect their feet and health accordingly.

With the onset of summer, one might avoid wearing socks, thinking it might be too warm to wear one. But contrary to that belief, socks protect your feet from extreme weather, it protects your feet and body from tanning and insulates them from the heat absorbed by the ground and then by your footwear. Thus, during the summer, socks are essential to protect you from heat. These are some of the best advantages of wearing socks.

7 types of socks exist design-wise or lengthwise, and the best 5 designs are: 

  • Crew length socks
  • No-show socks
  • Calf socks
  • Athletic socks
  • Ankle length sock

Nvance designer socks for men are the perfect blend of cool and comfy! they’re made with a sustainable process using good quality fabric that doesn’t lose its elasticity or colour easily. The socks leave you with odour-free feet at the end of the day, all the while keeping your feet moistened and soft. So what are you waiting for? Order your Nvance Socks, today! 

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