Match socks to your outfits – 8 golden tips

by Yash Sethia June 20, 2022 3 min read

Match socks to your outfits – 8 golden tips

The socks must match!

Hey, we don’t make the rules but we sure agree with this one. After all, you want to look smart and not clownish!

It’s an art to match socks to outfits, according to us, mainly because of the sheer volume ofdesigner socks for menavailable today. They are patterned, colorful, and vibrant. But, if you are unable to choose the right outfit, they may become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. Luckily, we are here with lots oftips to match your socks with your outfit. Read on!

Go bold but don’t go home!

If your colorful socks are bold and striking, you can pull them off easily with a simple and sharp pair of dark jeans. If the rest of your ensemble is also bold, it will look shabby and not stylish at all. So, keep your outfit’s colors neutral so that yourdesigner socks for menpop out.

Exact matches are actually a mismatch

Matching socks and shoes – that’s just not right. If your socks and shoes are the exact same color and pattern, they will blend in. It might look like you are wearing booties. That’s not fashionable, is it?

Clashing patterns are not classy

This is one of our pet peeves. If your pants have stripes or checks, your socks shouldn’t, and vice versa. Otherwise, the clash will be too much for the eyes and it will reflect a poor fashion sense (cue a gasp). Luckily, most men’s clothes are either subtly patterned or plain. So, the chances of you making this mistake are quite slim. But, we had to warn you!

There’s really something called “too crazy”

It totally works at costume parties and some very casual outings but please don’t go crazy all the time! We highly recommend that you tone the crazy down for formal occasions. Weddings, interviews, business meetings, etc. call for subtlety and it is totally okay to wear gray or black socks at these times. Bright orange is not your friend here!

Be careful while choosing the shoes

Not alldesigner socks for menlook good with loafers. The same logic holds true for sneakers, formal shoes, boat shoes, etc. Depending on the color of the shoes and the occasion, make a conscious decision about the patterns you pick. They should not be outrageous or overpowering – just colorful enough to bask in attention!

White?! NO!

White socks are all kinds of boring. They may be the easiest pair to grab but why? Why would you want to settle for white when there are so many funkydesigner socks for menwaiting to make you look great? We recommend that you restrict white socks to the gym and use patterned socks in different colors everywhere else. The patterns and colors can be soft but the socks definitely don’t need to be white.


We mean – Keep It Simple, Silly!

If all the choices are getting too overwhelming and you are unable to decidehow to match socks with outfits,go easy on yourself. Just make sure they match your pants and you are good to go. The same color but different hues or shades is the simplest and safest choice.

Don’t match them all

While exact shoes and socks are a huge no, you can choose another aspect of your outfits such as the pocket square, tie, or belt. But again, don’t match them all! It’s too much matching-matching and the final look will not be great.


These tips to match your socks with your outfit were brought to you by our in-house experts who have seen it all in the sock fashion world. At Nvance, we are constantly updating ourdesigner socks for men to ensure that you always have a fresh new pair to try out. Kindly visit our website and shop now.

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