Sock etiquette – The proper way to take care of your socks

by Yash Sethia October 15, 2022 2 min read

Sock etiquette – The proper way to take care of your socks

Socks are usually the second-last things we wear and the last things we think about! It’s the same while buying them and taking care of them.


But that needs to change today.


Socks can make your entire ensemble pop and make you the talk of the town. So, why not pay attention to them and shower the love they deserve? We will tell you how!

Sock care instructions from the experts

Wash them mindfully in the machine

The divorce rate is quite high among socks. You send a pair into the washing machine, and only one comes out! This is why we suggest that you either wash them separately or put them in a mesh washing bag to avoid the hassle. Following this process will also ensure that lint doesn’t accumulate on them to damage the fabric. Use a mild detergent and change the setting to Gentle Wash.


P.S. Make you flip them inside out before tossing them in the machine.

Handwash the delicate ones

Socks made of cashmere or silk should be handwash to remove the risk of damage. Use cold water and a mild detergent to soak them first and then wash them gently. If the socks are particularly smelly, you can soak them for 30 minutes. Otherwise, a 10-minute soak should be enough. In this case, too, flip the socks inside out.

Never tumble dry

One of the most crucial sock care instructions is that you should never tumble dry them. Simply wring them to remove excess water and air dry them.

Never iron your socks

Socks are made of delicate yarns that can burn under a hot iron. They may also be flammable, making them a fire hazard. So, under no circumstances should you iron socks.

Store them together

Socks always come in pairs and must be stored the same way. Instead of nonchalantly stuffing them away in the sock drawer, make it a habit to fold them together and place them neatly in their spot. It may feel tedious in the beginning, but it’s the best thing to do, especially if you don’t want to turn the house upside down, wearing one sock, 5 minutes before stepping out of the house.


Bonus: Rolling your socks may damage the elastic. Always fold and store.

No bleach, no!

Harsh chemicals and bleach will absolutely ruin your socks. Even if you are tempted, we advise you to stick to mild and natural soap and softeners.


Vow to us that you will never have smelly socks tossed under your bed carelessly with lint and yarn threads sticking out. And, if you need to buy a few new pairs, you know what to do. Head over to Nvance and buy socks online now!

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