Styling quirky socks for men - Fashion advice 101

by Yash Sethia May 25, 2022 3 min read

Styling quirky socks for men - Fashion advice 101

Still wearing plain, ankle socks? BOOORRRINNNGGG.

Contrary to what many people believe, socks are meant to see daylight and not get stuffed inside shoes and pants! But hey, you’ll only be willing to do that if your socks are as amazing as the rest of your attire. Thanks to modern trends and fashion, there are so many options of funky socks for men that you and only you can restrict yourself.

But alas, having options is not enough. You need to know how to pair them well with your clothes so that they elevate your overall look and become a show stopper. If that’s something you have been struggling with despite loving funky socks for men, we are here to help. Below are a few fantastic styling ideas.

Go bold or go home!
Why just let them peek when they can steal the limelight altogether? Bold colours, either patterned or plain, gel nicely with formal suits and even tuxedos. If you want to go casual, pair them up with a patterned blazer. Those who must coordinate their clothing can choose patterns similar to their blazers.

We’ve met your solemate. It is PINK.
Pink’s feminine, you say? LOL.

You clearly have never tried pink patterned socks with white sneakers!

Zig-zag patterns, varied shapes, or camouflage, pink’s the way to go this season to set trends in quirky socks for men and to express your confidence.

Polka dot on the clock.
Oh, Ke$ha will not mind us twisting the lyrics because polka dots are LOVE! We advise you to try them with grey or off-white pants. You can also create a unique ensemble by matching your shirt with your socks. Plain, brown shoes will complete this look.

FINALLY - A non-boring version of geometry!
If you are the kind that can’t do without oxford shoes, you should grab A LOT of geometric prints. They also look good with boat shoes, if that’s your style. As for the clothing, you can choose casual pants or khakis and a T-shirt.

Mismatch. That’s it. That’s the trend.
Up your sock-style-statement with mismatched pairs. Purchase multiple pairs of socks online in India and mix them up! You can go absolutely bonkers with mismatched pairs or stick to a theme - Tom & Jerry and Black and White are some options.

Mismatched funky socks for men are best for casual occasions such as meeting friends, hanging out, etc.

Yes, yes, this isn’t for those of you who have OCD about symmetry and colour coordination. But you can check out the rest of our tips!

Ranveer it up!
In other words, go absolutely crazy. Wear anything you want with or without a touch of synchrony. The secret to pulling this look off is confidence. Walk like you own the place and you will win all the hearts! Whether it is solid lemon yellow socks with a black shirt or shorts with knee-high socks, be confident and Ranveer it up!

The world can truly be at your feet but first - let’s add some funk to those feet with designer socks for men! Depending on how bold or subtle you want to be with your look, you can choose from a plethora of options when you buy socks online in India. At Nvance, we are regularly updating our styles and trends to ensure that you are always ahead in the world of sock fashion.

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