The ultimate guide to wearing colourful socks

by Yash Sethia September 25, 2022 2 min read

The ultimate guide to wearing colourful socks



Socks have been underestimated long enough.


Their influence on the overall ensemble is massive, but due to boring old options and the fact that no one really gave them a second thought, they have been hiding in plain sight all this time. We have decided to change that by helping you wear colourful, funky socks for men the right way.


Follow our guide now. Thank us once you rock the designer statement! Let’s start.

Colourful socks for men – When can you wear them?

It wouldn’t be wrong to simply say “whenever you feel like wearing them,” but to pull the look off and draw the eyeballs, you might have to work a little harder than that. Here are some tips:


  •   When you want to add some pop to a simple outfit: If everything else you are wearing is basic, you can choose a bright pair of printed socks for men to add some fun to the ensemble.
  •   When you are serious about coordination: Feel free to select pairs that match the colour of your sweater, jacket, or shirt. If you are wearing formals, try using the same colour scheme as the pocket square. Another handy tip is to keep your skin tone in mind so that you don’t pick up clashing colours that might be too loud to look at.
  •   When you want a modern look: Shorts and socks go well together. All you need is confidence to rock this modern look. Make sure you wear full-length socks for men with your solid shorts and complete the outfit with loafers or boat shoes.
  •   When you may have to remove your shoes: When you visit someone’s home, for example, you will have to take your shoes off. Instead of taking the socks off as well, pull them up higher and flaunt them. Any pattern will do in this case – the only thing is to make sure that it is coordinated.


And now for some rules

As much as we’d like to say there are no rules, we have to sing another tune. Winging it with colourful socks for men may work sometimes, but there are chances of going wrong too. Especially if you are just entering this funky world of sock experimentation, below are a few things you should remember:


  •   Stick to the classics if you are not confident about ultra-bright socks. Argyle is a good choice.
  •   Choose the same colour scheme as your shirt or jacket
  •   You can try contrasting colours but ensure you are confident with the level of contrast you choose. It is always ideal to start slow and soft.
  •   Avoid clashing colours
  •   Don’t wear funky socks for formal occasions. A solid pair might be a better option in this case.


It’s a wonderful world..

..and socks make it better!


Don’t shy away from colourful socks. They are probably the change you are looking for!


At Nvance, we are working towards ensuring that you dial up the funky and upgrade the way you dress. Our socks are made from sustainable materials and are very comfortable & durable at the same time. To place an order, please visit our website.

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