The ultimate guide to wearing quirky socks

by Yash Sethia July 26, 2022 2 min read

The ultimate guide to wearing quirky socks

Embrace your quirky side. Embrace YOU!

We all have a quirky hidden side, don’t we? It doesn’t often show itself but that’s probably because it doesn’t have a reason or medium to do so.

Well, now it does. Through  funky socks for men!

Gone are the days when socks were purchased and worn thoughtlessly. Gone are those times when socks were plain, boring, and purely functional.

Today, they are a major fashion piece and can help you set your own style statement. Wondering how? Read on!

Hide them no more!

First things first – Put the spotlight on your  printed socks for men.  They totally deserve it. Whether they are colorful or a bright single color, you can ensure that they catch the eye by pairing them with subdued outfits.

This is a lovely casual look that goes well with a plain T-shirt and blue jeans.

Always start with the socks

Are socks the last thing you wear right before shoes? Stop that! Give  printed socks for men  the highest importance by picking them out first and then deciding your outfit around them. This way, you will match them with your clothes without overdoing it.

Remember the following:


  •   Printed socks for men  are suitable for semi-casual occasions
  •   Fancy socks for men  with some design or bright colors are perfect for formal occasions
  •   You will never go wrong with  colorful socks for men  in casual settings

Too much is a taboo

We know you love your socks, but taking the trouble to hem your pants just to show them is not needed. If your pants are too long, maybe fold them a bit but don’t go overboard. Otherwise, it may look like your pants don’t fit right.

Clashing colors crash fashion

If your socks are already colorful, there’s no need to wear colorful clothes. And, vice versa. The idea here is to create a quirky and pleasing ensemble as opposed to an overwhelming one. So, if the colors clash and are very loud, they can hurt the eyes.


Pick out specific elements such as the tie to match with your socks. Otherwise, alternate with the patterns. If your clothes are patterned, your socks shouldn’t be. If you are wearing  printed socks for men,  the shirt can be plain.

Tux + Single color socks – Always!

There are some things you shouldn’t try changing, and that’s the grace that comes with wearing a tux. Whether it’s a formal get-together or a wedding, a tux requires some elegance and class. This is why we say that you should stick to just one color instead of  colorful socks for men.


All eyes on your SOCKS! And, why not? They are wonderful! Follow this guide to wearing quirky socks and own the day. If you are looking to buy new socks, look no further. Nvance is here with the quirkiest, most attractive socks for men, suitable for every occasion. Check out our website and checkout with your favorite patterns.

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