Trendy sock designs in 2022

by Yash Sethia August 26, 2022 2 min read

Trendy sock designs in 2022

2022 – The year of funky socks for men!

Socks are no longer plain, boring, and invisible. The newest patterns ensure they are right in the centre of attention, supporting the rest of the ensemble.

So, why don’t you jump onto the bandwagon and buy socks online in India, which are colourful, trendy, and capable of making you the talk to the town? Here’s a guide to get you started.

Blend in with nature, and stand out everywhere else!

When you embrace nature, you embrace all good things in life. Show your bright, energetic vibe with nature-themed socks for men and enhance your look with the utmost ease. The market has multiple designs in this category, from palm designs to sharks, stars, skies, aqua, foxes, leave, and the sun!

Choose the pairs that suit your interests and stock up your wardrobe with the most fun socks ever.

Abstract and attract

When we think about funky socks for menour attention directly goes to abstract designs. These are definitely out-of-the-box, which is why they are among the trendiest socks today. Here are a few options that we personally love:


  •   Zig-zag patterns
  •   Symbols or characters
  •   Geometric shapes
  •   Curtain design
  •   Stranded patterns


We recommend that you buy one of each pattern and give yourself a makeover every single day! It’s easy when all the options are in one place on Nvance.

You can never go wrong with Camo

If you’re unique and you know it, wear Camo!

If you’re unique and you know it, wear Camo!

If you’re unique, and you know it, and you really want to show it,

If you’re unique and you know it, wear Camo!


Camo socks really bring out your quirky, unique side, which you probably were afraid to show so far! From basic desert camo to pastels and art, there is enough variety to satisfy your funky tastes.

Tips for pulling off trendy socks

Now that you know which socks are stealing the limelight in 2022, here are a few tips for you:


  •   Choose breathable fabric so that you are comfortable and can wear them for hours.
  •   Help the planet; wear socks made from recycled materials!
  •   Choose the right length of the socks based on the purpose. You can pick from ankle, no-show, and full-length socks.
  •   Wash your socks frequently, and don’t reuse dirty socks. They are unhygienic.


It’s true, what they say these days – there’s a pair of socks for every occasion, every mood, and every purpose. At Nvance, we are regularly updating our collection of funky socks for men with the latest designs and trends so that you stay ahead, always.

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