What causes blisters? Socks or shoes?

by Yash Sethia November 25, 2022 2 min read

What causes blisters? Socks or shoes?

That’s quite an intriguing question, we must say. Aren’t new shoes the root cause of blisters? Is this even something to talk about?


Not always, and yes.


The truth about blisters is slightly complicated, and we shall explain it to you in detail here.

What are foot blisters?

Foot blisters are fluid-filled pockets that form on the skin. They are painful and can get infected very easily. They are usually filled with pus or clear fluid and may need to be drained to heal.


Blisters are a result of constant friction between the material of the shoe/sock and the foot itself. When you walk, run, or exercise in new shoes, the friction is high, and this increases the chances of blisters.

How to avoid blisters with new shoes

Get a pair that fits!


Shoes that are too tight are the major culprit because they lead to more tension and friction. The constant rubbing of the material and the skin causes hot spots, which eventually form blisters. People who tend to wear poorly fitting shoes also experience calluses.


If you are among those who exercise frequently and/or wear shoes often, you should be even more careful with the size. Bear in mind that size can vary from one shoe brand to the other, which is why always checking the size, consulting the professional, and trying multiple pairs of shoes before purchasing are a must.

What about socks? Do they play a role?

The answer is yes. Socks can also contribute to blisters, and it is mostly because of the material. If you are prone to blisters and tend to sweat a lot, avoid cotton socks. They absorb sweat and can create hot spots.


Make sure you purchase moisture-wicking socks, thus, which do not let your feet be damp due to sweat.

On the flipside – Can socks prevent blisters?

Socks may cause blisters, yes, but is there a way they can prevent them? Since they are a layer between the skin and the shoe, this is a valid question.


The answer is yes. If you wear properly fitting socks with the ability to keep your feet dry, they can minimize the formation of blisters caused by new shoes. Fascinating, isn’t it?


If you read the article closely, you will realize that the real culprit is not the sock or the shoe. It’s friction! And, until you break into new shoes, friction is generally high. The only way to protect yourself from the excruciating pain and discomfort is to buy shoes and socks that fit perfectly.


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