Winter is coming. These sock designs will keep you sorted!

by Yash Sethia September 15, 2022 2 min read

Winter is coming. These sock designs will keep you sorted!

YESS! The cosy weather is just around the corner, and we are EXCITED!


Why shouldn’t we be? It is that time of the year when we snuggle up on our couch with our comforters, hot tea, and of course, socks!


We believe that the best way to enjoy winter is to stay protected, which is why socks are super important. Whether at home or outside, a good pair of socks will protect you from catching a cold, allowing you to be comfortable throughout. Let’s dive in and see what you can do to keep the warmth and style high.

Full-length socks, of course!

Winter is absolutely the best time to bring out those full-length socks and flaunt them like never before, especially if you don’t want to switch from shorts to jeans/pants. The socks will protect your legs from the cold breeze while adding some oomph to your ensemble.

Go bright!

The sun may not shine as brightly as it usually does, but you should! Choose your brightest socks and wear them with ease – paint the town BRILLIANT! You can wear solid colours or contrasting printed socks for men depending on your personal preferences.


As enunciated beforeplease keep the “crazy” outside formal settings because business meetings, weddings, etc. do not call for extra bright socks.

Pick nature-themed patterns

Nature-themed designer socks for men are always a hit. From neon stars to quaint leaves, sharks, and cosmic revelations, there are many for you to grab.

Make sure you have a homely pair

If you are looking for a cute pair of socks to wear at home, cosy and fancy socks for men are readily available. Pick a pattern that fits the winter theme – fallen leaves, flowers, grey shades, etc.

Trust the orange hues

While these will look great all year round, we think orange hues in winter will hit differently. They will perfectly contrast the weather while giving you a fashionable, chic look to pull off as you take on the day!


P.S. This is our antidote to Mondays.

Additional tips for winters

  •   Your designer socks for men should be breathable and moisture-wicking
  •   Socks made out of natural and sustainable materials are recommended
  •   Your socks should not create any pressure – this often happens with very thick socks. The pressure ends up restricting blood circulation and causing discomfort.
  •   Make sure your socks fit perfectly so that you are protected from the chilly wind. Loose socks may create an entryway.
  •   If you plan to wear socks and sleep, ensure they are not tight. They should be very comfortable.


Winter is the best time to buy socks online in India in order to stay warm. At Nvancewe have a variety of snuggly socks that will help you enjoy the cold weather to the fullest. We invite you to visit our website and take a look at our collection. Please feel free to reach out if you have any doubts.

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