Pronounced "nuance", defined as "a subtle difference in shade, meaning, expression or sound". Though there's over 7 billion of us, there's something unique about each of one us. Our goal is to reinforce self-expression through high quality socks, an often over-looked accessory.

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We use industry leading technology to print our selectively chosen designs onto our socks. This is something we pride ourselves on as few companies in India currently provide what we do - we combine tech cred with precise fit and ultra-cool designs. We are persistent in our efforts to implement the latest technology so that your feet are met with the comfort that they deserve.

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With over two decades of experience in sock manufacturing, producing yarn and fabrics in our factory at Filatex Fashions Limited, we know how to make great quality products. In fact, our refusal for nothing but the best has managed to capture attention internationally, leading us to work with world-renowned clients by the likes of Adidas, FILA, Walt Disney and more.